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Dave can help you with

  1. Do you use a computer, phone, wifi or broadband? Have you mastered running meetings online?
  2. Do you store data in the cloud? With cyber security ever more important, is yours as safe as it could be?
  3. Are you paying for services, storage or support you’re not using?
  4. Basically, if you run a business (or home) in the modern world, Dave can help to ensure the technical side runs smoothly, efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. 
  5. Do you need someone to help you to set up, reconfigure or refresh your IT and telecommunications, turn you from numpty to ninja so you can focus on doing what you do best?

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Keeping businesses connected and running smoothly with secure IT.

What’s Dave like?

With experience going back decades, gained with international giants such as Microsoft, Miele and Sequent (now part of IBM) Dave knows his IT onions. Deciding to leave the megaliths in favour of helping SMEs and independents, he’s been his own boss since 2006, and now puts his seemingly endless patience and natural affinity for making the complex appear simple to good work, helping businesses to grow and stay connected.

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You can reach Dave at

[email protected] and on 0118 3217665