We are a collective of local likeminded business owners here to help transform your company.

Podd n: A group of skilled independent business specialists collaborating to help great businesses grow, do things better and realise their potential

It’s time to grow Your business, not magic beans or our waistlines

We’re really good at what we do.

What do you need a hand with?

We Podd bods are probably just like you.

In the spring of 2020, just after covid-19 knocked the world off its axis, we combined our skills to create Foddpodd, a website dedicated to supporting local independent food and drink businesses (it wasn’t entirely altruistic – we love our local eateries and drinking spots).

With Foddpodd launched, we turned our attention to the other great businesses that need our help, and now here we are, at your service with our pants on over our jeans* ready to help your business grow and succeed.

(*OK, we may be feeling a tad superhero-ish, but we still know how to dress – pants first)

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