Dave Patterson

Digital & SEO

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Dave can help you with

  1. Is your shiny new website/tired old website failing to give you the leads you were hoping for?
  2. Are you getting lots of visitors to your website but very few enquiries or sales?
  3. Are you nowhere to be seen on Google and the other search engines, or trailing behind your competitors?
  4. Are you being given lots of different advice about digital and unsure what to prioritise?
  5. Do you want more digital visitors, but are sceptical about seeing a return from SEO/Facebook ads/digital marketing in general?
  6. Do you need help training your marketing team on any/all of the above?   

You need to have a chat with Dave.

Generating business with intelligent marketing and user experience.

What’s Dave like?

Dave has spent over 20 years observing and understanding how people behave online,  honing his skills with digital giants such as Yahoo, discovering what it takes to lead an audience down the digital journey to become your customer, member or client.

Today, Dave demystifies digital, translating tech speak into common sense solutions and evidence-based business decisions.

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You can reach Dave at

[email protected] and on 0118 328 7003